July 06 2021

City Council Adoption Hearing

June 24 2021

Planning Commission Plan Adoption Recommendation Hearing

The purpose of this item on the agenda is to share the final draft of the Transportation & Mobility Plan (TMP) and seek a recommendation for approval of adoption to City Council.

May 24 2021

Planning Commission Work Session

May 11 2021

City Council Work Session

TMP is one of the items on the work session agenda for City Council


April 13 → May 14 2021

Draft Plan Review Comment Period

The public can read and comment directly on the interactive document at (https://tooledesign.github.io/B0067_steamboat_springs_tmp/. Users have the added benefit of seeing feedback from other community members. The public comment period ends on May 14

April 22 2021

Planning Commission

Project Team presented to Planning Commission


June 01 → June 30 2020

Transportation Solutions Working Group Meeting