June 10 2020

Q&A Session - Why Are We Doing This?

This session will review the Purpose and Goals of the Sign Code update project and runs from 5-7pm

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June 11 2020

Q&A Session - What Are Context Areas?

What do they mean for signage and my property? Staff will introduce the concept of Context Areas and how they will affect signs in the city. This session goes from 10:30am to 12:30pm

Join the Session Here or call +1 720-617-7565  Conference ID: 656 081 052#

June 23 2020

Q&A Session - Can I Get A Wall Sign in Downtown?

Can I get a wall sign in downtown? Will pole signs be allowed? Staff will review proposed Permanent Sign Standards and be prepared to discuss the changes from the current code to the proposed code. The session runs from 5pm to 7pm

 Join the Session here or call  +1 720-617-7565  Conference ID: 323 362 718#

June 24 2020

Q&A Session - What about Real Estate/Election Signs?

What about real estate signs? Election signs? Can I post a sign on my property that says whatever I want? What about lighting, can signs be lit? Staff will review Temporary sign standards, Lighting standards, and general standards for all private signs in the City. Session goes from 9am to 11am.

Join the Session HERE or call  +1 720-617-7565  Conference ID: 170 823 550#

July 23 2020

Planning Commission: Public Workshop

Planning Commission will hold a public worksession to review the entire proposed sign code and take public comment, prior to providing a recommendation to City Council. Starts at 5pm

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September 08 2020

City Council Worksession

September 24 2020

Planning Commission: Public Hearing

Starts at 5pm and Commission will make recommendation to City Council about adoption of the proposed sign code

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October 13 2020

City Council: Public Hearing (1st Reading)

Meeting starts at 5pm and the draft code will come before council for its first reading. 

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November 17 2020

City Council: Public Hearing (2nd Reading)

Meeting starts at 5pm and City Council will consider the 2nd and final reading of the Sign Code ordinance. 

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