Roundabout Driving Tips Bloom With Arrival of Springs

Traffic Feature Designed To Improve Traffic And Pedestrian Safety

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO-April 11, 2022-The first two-lane roundabout has some drivers going round and around in their efforts to navigate the Yampa Valley’s new modern roadway intersection improvement.

“Steamboat Springs has three intersections at the mountain that feature roundabouts and the community will likely see more down the road,” commented Public Works Engineer Danny Paul, who managed the roundabout projects for the city. “While these intersection designs may be new to some, travelers are becoming more accustomed to how to use them, and these features are significantly improving safety for all.”

Circumnavigating single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts, which have become increasingly popular for their safety and traffic flow features, shouldn’t have your head spinning in circles. In fact, these circular intersections reduce injury and severe crashes by 78% to 82% compared to conventional intersections as reported by the Federal Highway Administration.

The rules of roundabouts are simple, straightforward, and as easy as 1, 2, 3 – slow down, look around and be ready to yield. The US Dept of Transportation Federal Highway Administration offers the following tips for making your way around a roundabout smooth and relaxed.

  • When approaching a roundabout, SLOW DOWN. Going slower give you more time to make decisions and you’ll be ready to yield to other road users including cyclists and pedestrians.
  • LOOK AROUND. If there’s more than one lane leading to the roundabout, you’ll need to choose the proper lane for where you want to go after the roundabout. Take note of the signs and marking to help select your lane.
  • BE READY TO YIELD – you must yield to traffic in all lanes of the roundabout, not just the lane closest to you. Yielding means letting others go first and stopping when necessary.

If you see any large vehicles like trucks or buses, give them space and avoid driving next to them inside the roundabout. Motorists should stay in their lane when there is more than one lane and always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and be aware that experienced cyclists may use the lane like a vehicle or less experienced cyclists will likely cross in the crosswalk like a pedestrian. As a courtesy, motorists are also encouraged to use a turn signal when exiting the roundabout.

Earn your graduate degree by learning how to navigate a roundabout and even though you’ll may be going in a circle, these techniques will ensure you travel straightforward for a safe and easy trip whether traveling on foot, bike, or vehicle.


Danny Paul, Public Works Engineer, 970.871.8210 or email
Sherry Burlingame, Police Chief, 970.879.4344 or email
Michael Lane, Communications Manager, 970.871.8220 or email

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