What do you think of the proposed fencing at Rita Valentine Dog Park (style, color, materials, etc.)?

5 months ago
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  • Stevenebloom 2 days ago
    Hello,As a full time resident of Steamboat I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback about the fence that you’re considering.I think the fence is unnecessary addition and expense which provides little to no value other than becoming a permanent eyesore. The money would be better spent on maintaining the road/parking lot which currently has large pot holes and a 10” deep pond in the middle of the driveway.I’m also very concerned about the city’s liability because in the winter the fence will barely protrude about the 3-4’ base of snow. It would be devastating for dogs to get impaled by the top of the fence that wouldn’t be noticeable and could cause great harm for the dogs. On heavy snow seasons, the snow would cover the entire fence would be a wasted expense/endeavor for nearly 5 month a year.Please, reconsider abandoning your idea of building the fence for the reason above and the fact that the large majority (75-90%) oppose the adding of the fence to such a pretty sanctuary.Thank you,Steve Bloom
  • cj 2 months ago
    No fencing. Pay attention to those of us who were here 50+ yrs ago. What is wrong with these local officials and residents who have since moved to the valley who have no appreciation for open space, the crucial connectivity of what remains and having the need to change these rare acreages by adding infrastructure. Please leave it alone and pay attention as to why these were created. We can't add more.
  • Maggiesteamboat 2 months ago
    A small fenced area that runs from the drinking fountain to the road would suffice for those people and their dogs who need a fenced in area. This could be about an acre in size
  • Judith Emerson 3 months ago
    One reason mentioned for fencing is that "other dog parks are fenced". We travel alot with our dog and stop at dog parks when we can. Sure, they are mostly fenced, but that is because on one or more sides are busy roads. We are lucky that we don't have that problem of having to keep the dogs out of traffic. Also, I have to agree with other posters that there is a real concern about the fencing and snow. Who is going to be responsible for digging out the gates (there are always two gates, one inside the other, to a dog park) after each snowfall? If they're not kept dug out, they're going to be forced open open and left that way, and possibly damaged. And now, people can access the area on foot from all directions. Do you seriously want to force people into their cars so they can drive around to the only access from Angler's Dr.? I think this fence idea was rushed in to without giving it adequate thought. Let's hope some amount of reason prevails and the money wasted on a fence will be used elsewhere.
  • Karen Vail 4 months ago
    My parents, along with residents of Valverdant, petitioned the City over 50 years ago to create green space through the drainage area from Fish Creek down to Highway 40. This strip of natural area is a travel route for many wildlife, protects the natural drainage of the area, and maintains green space for locals to enjoy. Placing a fence across this drainage is totally counter to what the original intent of the green space was. Please do not go through with this fencing idea, or, if it is done, keep the fenced-in area up on the meadow and do not drop the fence down into the drainage.
  • Mtn Life 4 months ago
    I agree with the overwhelmingly prevalent consensus, NO fence! Even a small fenced area is unappealing for a naturally beautiful area, but that would be tolerable if there is a proven need for animal owners with dogs that don't obey. Please listen to the valid points already presented about maintenance, ineffectiveness and cost.
  • JM Dog Owner 4 months ago
    As a user who goes several days a week, I first want to say that I am for the enhanced parking lot. The water fountain is great, too. The fence and the picnic spot are the only ideas I think are divisive, counter-productive for the balance of safety and beauty that RVP offers its users, and just plain backwards thinking. The whole draw of this park is that people can access it from anywhere; that the play area for our 4-legged loved ones appears ‘boundless’ and ‘free-roaming’; it offers a seamless connection with nature which makes RVP stand out from the usual fenced ‘poop-yard’ of normal dog parks. I can get behind a small-dog playpen, of perhaps 1/2 an acre, even though I think that will just be a poop-fiasco within a matter of days. As for fencing in the main 15 acres, that’s just mean! Will there be a few gates for the various other entry points to the park, and for the home owners on the three sides? Who will maintain those in the 7+ months of winter when the snow makes the gates either stick open indefinitely or useless and blocking for users? Last year, the snow was above the picnic tables by mid-December; so any 4’ fence would be a 18” tripwire for most of the winter season, really. Ouch. That would make both my dog and myself worried about getting hung up or tripping on it in low light and cloudy evenings. As for the covered picnic bench, I think it is a horrible idea to introduce a place for food around a mix of foreign dogs. That’s just asking for fighting and bad training/practice/distraction for the dogs of other owners. and I hate to say it, but from personal experience we have already seen, the primary users of a covered standing/picnic area would be smokers and lazy owners who upset the whole environment by causing a horrible stench and sitting on their phones rather than playing with/exercising their pets. I appreciate that Steamboat Digs Dogs is trying to make it a better place. I disagree that a fence or a covered picnic area are items that will meet that goal, when you take into consideration how cool the open space really is for the regular users of the park.
  • caitlin 4 months ago
    No fence please! As someone who has lived on the border of the park for the past 15 years, the issue between dogs and wildlife is not sufficient enough to put a fence up. Not only would a 4' fence be useless to keep wildlife out in the winter but it also ruins access to the park for everyone who is not coming from Anglers. RVP is not just a dog park. It is used every day for commuting, biking, running, sledding, xcountry skiing, etc. and the fence would completely ruin the multi-use recreation available.
  • Lew Cutter 4 months ago
    I am concerned about the proposed fence idea and the size of the area to be fenced. The premise is to provide a 'safety' area to protect the dogs against the local wildlife. Really?First, it is my observation that the local wildlife want nothing to do with this area anymore. This area of dog smells, dog poop and dog noises. The deer, elk, moose and even the bears we used to see wander through this field now skirt the edges, in numbers that are a fraction of previous years. Second, if the size of this dog 'protector' fence extends to the boundaries that are currently proposed, it will virtually end ANY wildlife migration through Rita Valentine Park. So much for the beautiful open space we requested in our Steamboat 2000 survey.On a human note, the increased volume of car traffic on Anglers Dr. is putting bikers and walkers at risk. No comment on the speed and driving skills of people trying to get their dog to the park...ASAP! However this dog area is an accident waiting to happen without adding a sidewalk for the safety of the pedestrians who live in this area. Imagine that, a park that is interested in more than the convenience of the dog owners.
  • jb 4 months ago
    I go to the park with my small dog quite often, and don't see the need for perimeter or small dog fencing. Rita Valentine is a beautiful open space and should be left as such. I've never seen a wildlife conflict or dogs running off-site...and find it quite easy to go with my little dog to a quiet corner when the big dogs are romping.
  • Skip 4 months ago
    I am NOT a fan of the fence. As many times as I have been there, I have never seen a need for fencing. Waste of money to install now as well as future ongoing maintenance. There would have to be some gates, and gates are constant maintenance. Plus it will be unsightly. I agree with the other improvements but NOT the fence.
  • Steamboat Outdoor Girl 4 months ago
  • Roger 4 months ago
    I think its a bad idea. We lived in Evergreen where we had a similar situation. We started with a fenced (small area) and unfenced (large area). The fenced area was expanded to include much larger acreage with the thought it would help control erosion, waste and wildlife interactions. Naturally, the fenced containment resulted in overuse and high concentration of waste. After much angst between citizens and the County, that park is now closed indefinitely with not plans to re-open. More dog parks with less concentration is a better solution.
  • kellyc 4 months ago
    What is the point in soliciting feedback? The city and Steamboat Digs Dogs have already signaled that they plan to completely ignore the 2 primary stakeholders (the neighbors and the users who go there every day). Why pretend to listen?
  • bogart 4 months ago
    A fence at RVP is sheer and utter lunacy. Please listen to the daily users who do NOT want a fence, but I fear you won't. Case in point - the Marriott hotel or the new and hideous playground at the end of town. Overwhelmingly negative and yet both moved forward. Listen to us for once. Leave RVP alone. No fence, no gravel on the paths....PLEASE.
  • S 4 months ago
    No fence! Not necessary. While shade is much needed, a picnic area at a dog park is ridiculous. The dogs climb all over the existing picnic table already and pee on it constantly. Once I saw two people try to eat lunch at the picnic table and they were non stop pestered by the dogs. Their maps app had directed them to the area “park.” I gave them better options for picnic tables in town and they were happy to relocate to the river for lunch.
  • Jaywhy 5 months ago
    I am against a fence. The beauty of this park is that it is wide open. A fence would be ugly and a hazard to dogs and wild life not to mention a huge waste of money. What a stupid idea.
  • sue 5 months ago
    I am against fencing Rita Valentine dog park. It is a total waste of money and would be an eyesore. Will there be gates, and if so, who will maintain those gates during the winter?The idea of a picnic area in the dog park is ridiculous. Why would you want to encourage people to bring food into a dog park? I guarantee it would not be a positive experience for the picnickers as they would have all the dogs begging for their food.
  • JE Lucas 5 months ago
    Please do not fence the park! As others have stated, Rita Valentine Park is designated Open Space, Parks and Recreation. More and more people are using the park in winter for sledding, snowshoeing, and XC skiing. The proposed fence would preclude much of the park from being used for those purposes. Rita Valentine Park is a park for humans, as well as dogs, and should be available to all for multiple uses. I would direct people to see the prototype of the proposed fence, which was erected today near the parking lot. This fence will pose a hazard to people, dogs and wildlife in the winter. In addition, the fence will block all side accesses to the park, meaning that the only access will be from Angler's Drive. Improvements to the trails and revegetation near the parking lot are the most important improvements to be made.
  • DJ 5 months ago
    I think all the improvements to Rita Valentine Dog Park will be wonderful for dogs and humans other than the fence. The Park was originally given to the City as Open Space. A fence will be an ugly nuisance and eyesore and will also keep dogs and people out. I see the cars and people with dogs coming and going daily. The Park is working seamlessly well right now and is very popular as it is. What is not Open is Closed. Because other cities fence their dog park doesn't mean Steamboat should. No one else has land and views like ours in the middle of town. Thanks
  • TomH 5 months ago
    Don’t Fence Us Out!!! Rita Valentine Park is and has always been a people park where people enjoy outdoor activities – snowshoeing, cross country skiing, biking, hiking, etc. and where, incidentally, dogs can run off-leash. This park should never be fenced as fencing would restrict the free and open use of the park by people. A small area, adjacent to the parking lot could be fenced for times when wildlife is present. This area could also be used by dogs who do not integrate well, or by owners who have not sufficiently trained their dogs or who do not want to properly supervise them.
  • Local 5 months ago
    NO FENCING please - it's a total waste when there is snow, which will make a fence too low to be effective. This lovely open space would suffer terribly from a fence which would be an eyesore. I concur with the comments below on why NO FENCE is the way to go at Rita Valentine!
  • Tim Lucas 5 months ago
    No Fence Please! - Rita Valentine Park is an open space park that is a gem for the community for all recreational purposes (not just a dog park). It is utilized for commuting, walking, hiking, biking, dogs, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, etc. and is accessed by neighborhood trails as well as the parking lot. The proposed fence would make the park a closed space and a scar on the beautiful open space landscape with a 4,000' long, 4' high fence encompassing 21 acres (see the RV Dog Park Site Plan link on engagesteamboat) and would be a hazard to wildlife, dogs and people especially in the winter. If people must have a fence then please do a smaller 1,000' long fence encompassing 1.5 acres next to the parking lot.Thank you
  • MJOSteamboat 5 months ago
    A fence is unnecessary and an eyesore.... PLEASE do NOT put up a fence in Rita Valentine Park!!
  • Anglers resident 5 months ago
    A fence around the perimeter of Rita Valentine Park is NOT a reasonable, practical, or even necessary proposal. A well-designed one-acre fenced area to keep large dogs away from small dogs could be acceptable, but NOT around the entire park! This parcel was donated to Steamboat Springs many years ago as Open Space for all of us to enjoy for its natural beauty and the ability to go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, hiking, and biking here. The space should remain open to all. If you agree and wish to donate to the Dog Park, clearly state that you do not want your gift to be used for a perimeter fence.
  • stmbtgrl 5 months ago
    Last year, I saw two dogs chase two elk across the park and up to the Anglers road. Fortunately the snow was deep and the dogs couldn't keep up, but it shows that there is a problem when there is wildlife in the area that needs to be addressed. It doesn't make sense to have dogs off-leash where there will be conflicts between wildlife and dogs. Unless people are willing to have the DOW close the park when there are elk, moose, bear, etc. sightings, a fenced in area that would allow dogs to be off leash while respecting the wildlife is a worthy solution.
  • Chris 5 months ago
    The off-leash dog park (AKA Rita Valentine Park) is being loved to death. Providing additional parking would lead to more over-use. The native vegetation includes various grasses and shrubs. It does not include trees due to a lack of natural irrigation. Current users (dogs and humans) have created an expanse of dirt where grass used to grow. Fencing the area will concentrate users even more densely, and interfere with non-dog-related activities. In its natural state the park needs no “improvements”.
  • Paul Stettner 5 months ago
    This area is designated as open space and has remained "natural" since donated to "Town" by Curci-Turner developers. Open space means open, with access to all users. NO FENCE!!! The idea of fencing a large part of open space just for off-leash dogs is not well concieved.I recall that the original request was to fence a small area (acre?) to separate small from large dogs. This was acceptable - but necessary?Community feedback always rates open space as a top priority. Fencing 50% of what is now a very special & unique open space to achieve questionable results will destroy it for other users.Most drive-in off-leash users stay close to the parking area and appear to use a 2 to 3 acre area. Walk-ins come from various directions and congregate in the same area. Please give wildlife priority over dogs. Idea - would an electric (buried) fence and require dogs to carry electric collars be feasible?.
  • Marian Tolles 5 months ago
    A perimeter fence at Rita Valentine? No, no, no! Steamboat is so lucky to have this wonderful natural open space right in the city. Let's not ruin it with a perimeter fence, which would render it no longer open. I like dogs but enough is enough.
  • Mary Korch 5 months ago
    Please do not fence this beautiful OPEN space! We live above Rita Valentine where wildlife migrate through our neighborhood on their way down to the park. If the animals are fenced off from entering the park, there will be human conflict above. The park was meant to be open and naturalPlease don't fence this beautiful park!!!
  • R 5 months ago
    We should not fence this beautiful open space. Being dog-friendly doesn't mean we need to have a fenced dog park. If I have a dog who doesn't stick around, he stays on a leash. The fence would limit other uses of the area including commuting to work, and cross country skiing in the winter, and detracts from the natural state of this park. Please, please, do not install a fence!
  • Soupy 5 months ago
    Fencing this beautiful desperately needed open space is a bad idea in so many ways. Snow many months is such a problem with more maintenance and problems such as snow height and gate functionality . With hundreds of visits I have never once witnessed a wildlife problem. Just a bad idea all around and a total deviation from initial land donation.
  • John 5 months ago
    It’s a smart idea to sequester the dogs from wildlife in the area. It’s unfortunate that Steamboat does not have a fenced dog park. Most cities / towns do. If Steamboat is Dogtown USA then Steamboat should have a fenced dog park or some derivation thereof.
  • Erica Lindemann 5 months ago
    I’m in favor of fencing an off-leash area for dogs, but against fencing the entire park. You will be fencing wildlife out of yet another place in the valley. Wildlife should still have access at night when the dogs are home.
  • Concerned 5 months ago
    The fence is a bad proposal. Anyone giving money to the park needs to stipulate that none of their money is to be used to build the fence.
  • Dick 5 months ago
    We are summer residents and frequently use the wonderful park. We have never seen wildlife in the park, nor have we heard of any incidents in recent years. Having a fence is unnecessary and detracts from the scenic beauty of the park. We love the other improvements, but not a fence.
  • Steamboat Outdoor Girl 5 months ago
  • AC 5 months ago
    My home borders Rita Valentine Park and I have a view of the park all day. The dogs are not running willy nilly all over the place but mostly stay within the circle of the path near their owners, while others stay close to their masters as they walk the circle. I know of one wildlife incident that happened probably 7 or 8 years ago. This does not constitute a need for a fence. If necessary, limit it to the southern border as stated but not all the way around. This may have already been discussed but I have not read anything about it - when the snow piles up won’t a four foot fence be completely useless anyway? In the winter we are already walking in snow above the height of the picnic tables. Will someone be on gate duty 24/7 in the snowy months to make sure the area is cleared of snow so the gate can be opened and closed? It seems like a “solution” looking for problems in my opinion. I agree with all of the other improvements and am in support of those efforts but please.....NO FENCE!!!
  • H 5 months ago
    I am against a perimeter fence as it would detract from the natural feel of the park. The 'dog pack' is well conditioned to stay near the loop trail, look in the snow and there are rarely dog tracks straying far. I feel that shade, parking and trail improvements are a greater priority than a fence. If it is needed, a partial fence along the southen border should be far from the highest use areas.
  • SJ 5 months ago
    The best fencing would be no fencing. If dogs are causing an issue at Rita Valentine, then prohibit dogs. This is the biggest and best open space we have in town. It was originally donated to stay that way. No we get the bait and switch, and instead of open space we get yet another manicured and sanitized park that requires additional tax-payer funded maintenance. I have been a dog owner in Steamboat for over a decade now, and lived for many years next to Rita Valentine. I am happy to take my dog elsewhere if it means we can protect this awesome island of open space we still have left in this town.
  • Mac 5 months ago
    I’d prefer no fencing as it’s just such a beautiful area. However, if it deemed necessary, keep it natural and in a manner that blends in with the beautiful rustic park. Thank you.